Integra Accounting Services, located in Rockland County, NY, has been independently servicing local businesses and individuals since 2010.

In the short time since Integra Accounting Services has been in business, we have earned a stellar reputation as the go-to firm for all accounting matters, big and small, where efficiency and integrity is sought.

Integra Accounting Services is staffed by a team of upstanding, experienced tax professionals, led by Mr. Chaim Rapaport, CPA, who is known for his unwavering commitment to his clients and his dedication to ensuring that each necessary task is implemented in the most resourceful way possible.

Customer satisfaction is the bedrock on which Integra Accounting Services operates. Integra Accounting Services is not satisfied with any service provided unless and until the client is 100% satisfied.

Clients know this and appreciate this, as is evident by their loyalty to Integra Accounting Services, year after year.

Don’t take our word for it; contact Integra Accounting Services today and see for yourself how our integrity can work for you!